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It’s not a video. It's not a render. It’s not a picture

For the first time you can explore an actual property from your own computer as if you were in it. Our simulator allows you to visit the actual house/venue/apt/hotel you are selling, buying or renting in a fully interactive, simple to navigate, HD virtual environment.

Virtual Simulator

An immersive experience like no other. Explore properties and venues as if you were in them. Our technology allows you to enter the actual property, not a computer created render. Experience in full HD, hotel rooms before making a reservation, walk inside properties’ all around from the comfort of your living room, show dozens of properties to your customers with a single mail. Step into the future of real estate.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Our scannings create 100% accurate HD floorplans of properties and venues. creating a floorplan has never been easier.

Doll House Views

Doll House Views

Same as in the floorplan scannings a model is created within a tridimensional plane. This state of the art technology allows the addition of depht to your models and real like visualization.

Still Photos

Still photos

We provide the still photographs you need to advertice your property and furthermore, full HD pictures can be extracted from any angle or viewpoint of the simulation at any time. All the pictures you might ever need one click away.

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